Traveling Will Make You Grow

I’m sure you’ve heard that traveling is such a great learning experience. This year, I decided to take a few notes on how a distant location, another culture, and a different people provide broadening experiences when we travel far from home. So, we’re out of the country on vacation now, and I love it here. We come here . . . every few years of so.  Travel always makes me grow in large and small ways. Just seeing how others in the world do things a bit differently or very much differently is a life-expanding experience. For ex., I noticed that barely anyone walks against the ‘Don’t Walk” signal when they want to cross the street. This is even if no traffic is near. These pedestrians would have plenty of time to get across the street; still they wait.

Yesterday, I went for a long bike ride, but felt so buoyed by the scenery and life-enriching experience of being here  until I got off my bike and walked it back to the hotel.

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